Private Aircraft Bespoke Interior

Brief: Modify a private aircraft interior to accommodate personal LCD screens and iPod docking stations for each of the 8 passenger seats.

The original factory fitted arm rest, shown left, is mounted atop the pull-out table that sits between opposing seats. Fabricated from a one piece plastic chassis and covered with a foam backed leather to match the cabin interior, each standard armrest is fitted with four cup holders and two reading light switches.

Working with the brief from the customer, various configurations were considered before a viable concept was established.  This concept was then developed into a full-scale 3D model, using direct measurements from the aircraft and the known components.  The model was then rendered and presented to the client for approval.  Delighted with the ability to see the ‘finished’ project before being fully financially committed was a huge comfort and ultimately ensured the project was given the necessary resources.

From the 3D concept model, piece part elements were modelled to represent the finished components needed to recreate the concept in a physical form.  Significant changes needed to be made to the armrest to accommodate the LCD screens and iPod docking station, making a rework of the original pieces un-economically viable and unnecessarily restrictive.  Drawings were created of the modelled component and sent to the fabrication shop to be manufactured.

The dock for the iPod also had to be designed from scratch to meet the requirements of the client; easy to use, discreet, secure enough to ensure the iPod didn’t fall from its dock every time the aircraft manoeuvred and to use the control panel on the device.  Several concepts for constraining the iPod were considered before deciding on the most suitable, shown right.  The 3D model was animated to ensure everything aligned properly and the controls could still be operated, before being sent to the machine shop to be manufactured.

Returning from the workshop, the finished components were assessed for quality, tolerances and fit, before being ‘dry’ assembled to ensure everything located correctly before being trimmed to match the new cabin interior.  On installation, the armrests located correctly and blended perfectly with the new cabin interior, remaining faithful to the originally presented concept, to the great delight of our client.

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