About Us

Solitair Engineering & Design Ltd is a 3D design studio, principally offering precision mechanical design services to the aerospace industry using Autodesk Inventor, 3D CAD software.  We’ll take your idea, be it a rework of an existing component to address an established issue or a vague blank canvas concept and develop a solution to suit your requirements.

The majority of our experience is with unique projects, so we understand the pressures of making a one-off project work as intended whilst on a demanding schedule.  As part of our design service we can generate quick concept models, to give you a clear and accurate visual concept of plausible solutions, ensuring the project is starting on the right foundation.

Whilst our principle field of expertise is with Aerospace, for civil and military applications, we have worked in various sectors that required a practical, cost effective solution to their precision design requirements, our Case Studies pages detail some of the projects we have been involved with.  Please contact us to discuss your project requirements.

Why choose us..?

If you are looking for a design solution, you might have considered taking on additional staff or hiring short term contractors but the draw backs are making you look for an alternative solution.  Draw backs, such as; high initial set-up fees to get additional software seats, work stations etc, periods of inactivity as the project progresses, agency fees, exorbitant hourly rates or sudden departure before manufacture commences.

As an independent studio, Solitair Engineering & Design Ltd has its own office and workshop facilities, use up-to-date equipment and software and competitive rates.  We offer two pricing structures, either an extremely competitive flat rate hourly fee for the duration of the project or we can negotiate a fixed rate, neither of which incur retaining fees.  Our commitment to customer satisfaction and value is your guarantee that we will endeavour to ensure your project is finished on time, on budget and to your complete satisfaction.

Our Services

We offer a range of services to suit your requirements.